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If you have any questions or require further information don't hesitate to contact us. Just send us an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We'll take care of your matter. Please read through the Faq's first. You may find your answere there.

General Questions

How can I join the VTEM Club for Products?

Step 1: Click "Join Now", select the membership package and make your payment via Paypal

Step 2: If your payment is successful,you can login to access the Member Download Area and you can start downloading instantly. This process normally takes less than 5 minutes.

How much does it cost?

We have many Membership Packages for you to choose. Each package has different prices, durations and number of Supported domain. The membership duration starts instantly from the moment you make payment and receive login details from VTEM.NET. Visit our SignUp Page to view the various memberships available for the products with details.

VTEM membership fee is one-time fee, or I have to pay extra?

When your membership expires, you can still use all our templates, extensions downloaded during your membership period without paying any extra fee. However, in order to continue downloading our templates, extensions/updates and access to Forum area, renewal of your membership is required.

I have paid for membership but not yet received login details?

Normally, our system creates the account automatically after a successful payment. There are some cases that your payment is NOT SUCCESSFUL and we have to review and process download information manually.

  • You used ECHECK (Paypal)
  • You used Proxy to make payment
  • Your payment was flagged as PENDING by Paypal

Have you checked your BULK/SPAM email folders?
Please contact us with proof of payment (Payment Receipt or Order number).

Can I share my username? Why is my account suspended?

No. One username and password can be used by one buyer with up to five IP addresses only.
Any attempt to share the username and password will result in the automatic suspension of your account. If your download traffic logs exceed the total number of allowed downloads, your account will be suspended immediately.

Is the membership a subscription with automatic renewal?

No, our membership is not a subscription with automatic renewal. It ends automatically when the membership duration expires.

Can I use your templates and extensions after my membership expires?

Of course you can! You will just have no access to updates and the forum any longer.

Is there a way to upgrade my membership?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership anytime by paying the difference between your current and the requested membership.

After my subscription expires, can I download update packages of VTEM products?

No. You are required to renew your membership in order to continue downloading our updates of templates, extensions.

Can I add more domains after expiration?

No. You will not be able to add more domains. However, all registered and verified domains are life-time licensed for such products. This is applicable for memberships requiring registration of domains for usage and support.

Can I buy a single template or extension?

No. We are sorry that single purchase of our templates or extensions is no longer available.

My membership already expires for long, do I still get discount when renew/upgrade?

The discount is applied when a paid membership is renewed/upgraded within 30 days after expiry date.

I dont have time, Can you install the Quickstarts for me?

Yes, you can login to your members area and avail the Installation service at $ 30 per installation. This will cover the installation of Template quickstart as it is seen in the Demo Site. No other customization would be done.

Can I remove the copyrights?

Only club members who won developer membership can remove the product copyright information and reference Designed by YOUR COMPANY or Powered by YOUR COMPANY.
All other members can purchase copyright removal license at USD $25 per domain.

Are your products search engine optimized?

Yes, we always make sure our templates,extensions are search engine friendly.

Can I see your products live before I join the club?

All our templates are available on our demo server. You can view Templates or Extensions

Where do I get support for your products?

As a member of the VTEM products club you'll get exclusive access to the VTEM forum which supplies important information and helps you with installing or customizing your VTEM products, in order to make it as easy as possible for you. We also provide documentation sites with text-based tutorials.

Under what license are the templates & Extensions released?

VTEM products are released under GNU/GPL V2 License for PHP codes, non-PHP elements such as css, images, Javascripts etc are released under VTEM Proprietary License.

I have paid for my membership, how do I log in?

After you have successfully processed the payment via PayPal, your information is sent to our system and an account is created for you based on your information you previously entered. All what you need to login to the member's only section of the site use login and password which were passed during the registration process.

If I sign up and decide I don't want to use products (templates or extensions), can I get my money back?

Yes, we offer a 100% money back program. The refund should be requested up to 7 days from the moment of the payment. Also, note that we will need a valid reason to refund your membership. We can't accept reasons like "I didn't realize this product was for Joomla" or "I don't have enough experience in Joomla to install and customize the Template/Extension". Contact Us regarding this matter.

VTEM Template Club

What are the benefits when I join VTEM Templates Club?

You can download and use all the RELEASED templates and FUTURE templates as well as other products during your membership period (including editable PSD files, fonts...).

You will have an account to access Member Forums - Restricted to Members where you can get support if you have any problem using our templates. Our Forums is more than just a customer forum, but also a place where you can exchange ideas about and your experiences with Web design and developments.

VTEM templates are released on a regular basis?

Yes! 1 or 2 high-quality template will be released every month. More importantly, existing templates will be updated along with the new version of Joomla.

I need to customize VTEM templates for my clients, how can I?

You are required to register/upgrade to VTEM Developer Membership which grants you permission to customize our templates for your clients.

Can I customize VTEM templates to suit my need?

You are authorized to make any necessary modifications to our templates to fit your needs (applicable for VTEM Template club membership) or your clients (applicable for VTEM Developer membership). Please make sure any change to our copyright information must be in line with our restrictions.

Can I download modules/extensions built into VTEM templates, as shown in the demo? Or Do I have to pay?

All extensions used in the Demo Site are available for download along with the template and are also part of the Quickstart Package. No additional fee is required.

I can not download extensions in VTEM Extensions Club. Why?

Your VTEM Template club membership grants you access to Template download area only which includes all extensions built in the templates. You need to purchase VTEM Extension membership or upgrade to VTEM Developer membership in order to download commercial extensions in VTEM Extension Club.

VTEM Developer Membership

After my membership expires, can I customize templates/extensions downloaded during my membership period.

After your membership expires, you can customize our templates, extensions downloaded during your membership period for current registered domains only. That means if your clients request for customization on new domains apart from ones registered on VTEM, you need to renew your membership.

Accordingly, you can not download our templates/extensions or updates anymore, unless you renew your membership.

After my membership expires, my clients can still use the templates/extensions?

Yes. They can use VTEM customized templates/extensions without paying any fee to VTEM.

Do my clients have to pay additional fee to VTEM?

No. We charge NO fee against your clients who use VTEM templates, extensions customized by You.

Why VTEM Developer membership?

If you have plan to customize our templates, extensions for your clients, you are required to purchase VTEM Developer membership.

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